All Alone With Everyone

by Trevor Keat

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released October 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Trevor Keat Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Catchy indie folk songs with intricate guitar work, bass-baritone vocals, and lots of cool instruments.

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Track Name: Burning Higher
Wait for the daytime
I don't know why we're falling away.
The years are growing colder
I'm getting older everyday.
Oh, my demonstration of alienation
will be a guide.
The times you could've smiled
I'm still a child inside.

Wait for the story
of flesh, blood, and glory to fade away.
Born in the summer,
I'm getting dumber everyday.
Out in the fire
Burning higher to let us grow.
Take and return
the more I learn, the less I know.
Track Name: The Day the World Forgot
Waiting for a sign
what's the point when it's wasting so much time?
On your bed of nails
in a home made of plastic bags and sand.

Laughing in the dark
counting the money you saved by cooling your heart.
The lives you never knew
what a shame that they only lived for you.

The day the world forgot
was the day that we were where we were not.
Isn't it a shame
when you're burning the letters locked in a name?

Sinking in the sand
like a rock with a bullet in your hand.
An omnipresent greed
don't you know that there's only one thing you need?
Track Name: When We're Gone
Raping the Earth
we don't want to coexist
Nature will recognize the catalyst.
She'll lay us all to waste
and overthrow the human race.

You know you are right
the space between the black and white
it's too gray to see.
Well it's hard to complain
when it's so great to live and breathe,
but I think it's safe to say the world will only be free when we're gone.

Standing in line
I'll wait for time to be defined.
In a world of kings and masters
our lives will coincide.
I could wait for the day,
or try to look the other way.

I try not to be
a victim of hypocrisy
The world is turning gray.
Well it's not out of love
and it's not our of hate,
but I'm just naive enough to hope
that it won't have to wait until we're gone

"Kill off mankind,
And give the Earth a chance!
Nature might find
In her inheritance
The seedlings of a race
Less infinitely base."
Track Name: Rain Dance
Far too near
Waiting for another, but it only disappears
in the dark of day,
could you feel your way?

All in all
Searching for a meaning in the writing on the wall
In a fit of shame,
could you read the name?

Take me with you
Pull me right through my indifference,
and closer to this existence.

Ring your bell
It might be getting louder, but I know I couldn't tell
In an empty room
did I speak too soon?

Take your time
I'll push away the daylight as we're running down the line
Could you hear the sound?
Oh, it's so profound.

Have the scars healed?
I could not feel such resistance
so close to this existence.
Track Name: Mosquito
How did I get out alive?
I will be the first to say goodbye
to wasted time and empty days.
You drank my blood and drained my eyes
I couldn't be much more surprised
to hear you as I drift away.

The world is warmer than it seemed
I float around like I'm in a dream
and I can't see the other side.
The sun is shining everywhere
I am going blind, but I don't care
as long as I can stay alive.

I'm staring straight into the sun
I am all alone with everyone
and I've got nothing left to see.
You walk away and I decide
I couldn't care less if I tried
It's just how it's supposed to be.
Track Name: Without the Trouble
Slip into the wind
Could you see right through the skin?
I found my way without the trouble,
Found my way, so sound and subtle

Lay down now for tonight
Don't stare into the light
Lay down now for tonight and it's gone

Go where the picture leads
You don't have to fall asleep
Burn through your memories and it's gone
Track Name: Lucid
I will walk alone
without a word
without a cane
without a home.

Time will separate
the things we love
the things we fear
the things we hate.

I will wonder why
the times we laugh
are not the only times we cry.

When we're all damned and done
it's not the only way,
I'm not the only one
to be wrong.

I won't fall asleep
I will be lucid
in a world we couldn't keep.

Time will guarantee
the things we hear
the things we feel
the things we see.

I will sit and stare
I'll be a captive
of the colors in the air.

Doubt will hide away
as I begin
to learn the words I couldn't say

I couldn't run
to the hole
in the sun.

I could not fly
through the war
in the sky.

Now you know
things are clearer inside.